October 27, 2016

Single Die Areca Leaf Plate making Machine

Single Die Machine;

This is a Special Product from us. Availability of sufficient 3 phase power is the most crucial aspect for any machinery/ plant operation. Moreover, obtaining industrial power is a tedious and expensive process. Our Single Die Machine overcomes all these problems and also reduces the operating costs drastically.

Advantages of Single Die Machine

  • It requires only domestic power supply (Single phase-220V). It does not require 3 phase power. The machine can be operated from home or a small shop.
  • Reduces operating cost drastically. 1 HP motor runs only for 10 seconds for the initial pressing operation for each plate, after which it gets switched off automatically. Also a single operator can operate 4-5 machines.
  • A set of 4-5 single die machines can be used as an alternative to multiple die machine. In case of multiple die machine, when there is a problem in the machine the entire machine needs to be stopped till the repair is over. However, in case of single die machine, only the particular machine needs to be stopped for attending to the problem.
  • Requires very less space. A single die machine is just about 2ftx2ft in dimension. Height is 4.50ft.